Aug 9 2016
C Dale

You’ve probably noticed that I have a tendency to promote other artists, besides myself. Probably the biggest contributing factor to that is, I’m a HUGE music fan! For me, it’s just the natural thing to do. When I come across a song or talent that speaks to me, I want to share it with others. Just like Cher “believes in life after love”, I believe I have ears that love music. This brings fulfillment to my life and I could’ve stopped there.

Luckily for me, I was able to find something inside that allowed me to test boundaries, as well as myself, and crossover into the world I so idolized. As a singer/songwriter/performer, I now get to meet talented people and even get to play shows with some of them. Still, the kid who obsessively listened to the radio and records growing up, wants you to hear what he hears. The music fan in me will ALWAYS rule! I do the same thing with food, movies, TV shows and contagious diseases (just kidding).

I recently shared a video of my talented friend Jackie Venson, from Austin, TX.
Here’s a video of another talented amigo Jake Allen, from Michigan.