Extra Extra

Jun 28 2016
C Dale

Been doing this music thing for a while now, despite all the warnings of how difficult it can be to maintain a career in my chosen profession. One of the ways to keep the income flowing is by doing jingles. Why not, I’m a singer/songwriter right?! From “Hooters makes you happy!” to “Torrey Pines Bank, where business gets done!” I get paid, airtime on the radio, and recognition. Not bad.

Point in case, over the past couple weeks, I’ve been asked by several different people, “Did you do a jingle for the International Boat Show?” The answer is “Yes….your journey begins, at the boat show.” Heard it myself the other day, the one and only time, on the radio as I pulled up to the KFC drive-thru. I said to the cashier, over the intercom, “Hey that’s me on the radio! What are the chances of you throwing in an extra biscuit on the house, for a local celebrity?” What I got in response was, “If you show up just before closing, we throw out all the leftover food and I can hook you up then!” WOW! Much more than I expected!