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May 31 2016
C Dale
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Yesterday being Memorial Day, I had loved ones on my mind. One in particular, my friend and band mate Nicki Carano. I am forever grateful for the memories, especially the Middle Of Nowhere recording session where she truly shines on drums and vocals, as usual. And always so humble!

The EP was only released as a limited edition physical CD, and someday soon, will go out of print. In honor of Nicki, these 6 songs will always be available to be shared freely via online streaming, as long as I breathe. One of my dearest possessions. A part of her legacy. Cheers to you Nicki! You are remembered and missed by so many!
Listen to Middle Of Nowhere EP HERE

The Dentist

May 10 2016
C Dale
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So, I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned this week. Nothing to grit them over right? I’m sure everything will be fine, like last time. I brush. I floss.
I keep my fingers crossed!

Strange thing is, I know for a fact, that my ears have cavities. I’m just not sure if it’s from listening to songs like, “Sugar, Sugar (The Archies), The Candy Man (Sammy Davis Jr.) or Cherry Pie (Warrant), without brushing my teeth. Then there’s that song “Ice Cream”, that I wrote. And the Waitress who is, “Sweeter than the icing on a cinnamon swirl.” Man! How come nobody ever warned us about the effects of ear candy?!


May 3 2016
C Dale
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Can’t believe we lost yet another rock icon in such a short span of time and at such a young age. Only 57 years old!

Purple Rain is in my top 10 CDs of ALL-TIME. I Love every song! I still have the movie on VHS. And YES, I still have a VHS player. Although I’ve seemed to kind of wear out the tape from continuously pausing it in one particular spot. Something about a cleansing in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Larger than life on stage. His solo on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” for the R&R Hall Of Fame induction of George Harrison will always be one of the most memorable music experiences of my life.

I revived my cover of the title track this past weekend and couldn’t believe how it affected everyone. Everyone loves Prince! Sing it! “Purple rain…purple rain….”