Home Sweet Home

Apr 19 2016
C Dale

Mar 31st through April 17th I mapped my way from San Diego to Texas and back. 10 shows covering 4,041 miles while averaging $1.85 a gallon for gas. Survived massive High Velocity Bug Spatter. RIP 2 tumbleweeds. I love my Honda CR-V!

AZ, you’re still a mystery. I know people there, they just don’t seem to know it. Rained out halfway through the show in Las Cruces. Paid in full and they promised to have me back if I refrain from playing the kinda music that makes it rain. Then I was a step ahead of the weather, from there on out.

Two fantastic house concerts in Austin (w/ Jackie Venson) & Dallas. Felt like a bootlegger leaving the rum distillery in Galveston. A bottle of this, a bottle of that. I guess they really liked me. Outdoor waterway fun in Port Neches & Lake Conroe. “I don’t own a boat, but I belong to a boat club.” What better way to wrap it up than with a conga line in San Antonio. You crazy Parrot Heads! Lots of pics, videos and posts on my Facebook page. Are we Facebook friends?

Blessed with so many nice and hospitable people, all along the way, that wanna know, “When you coming back?!” Well, “Y’all fed me, gave me a place to stay and helped me get paid. I’m still trying to figure out why I left?!”

San Diego and beyond. Seems wherever I hang my hat, feels like home. Seriously! Thanks so much for all your support!