Thank You

Feb 23 2016
C Dale

The support I have received over the past several weeks, in regards to the passing of my beloved friend and band mate Nicki Carano, has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

I’ve somehow managed to use Nicki as a source of strength to get through a few private appearances I had previously scheduled and needed to honor. It hasn’t been easy but, being around familiar faces is what’s best for me now. I’m blessed that my chosen profession keeps me connected to loving and caring people like yourselves.

Because of Nicki, as I put myself back out there, it will be with a greater understanding & appreciation of what is really important in life and truly matters. I thank her for that, as well as all the memories that will continue to live on.

I have lots of hugs to give. You will be collecting yours the next time I see you. Until then, take care.

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