Nicki Carano

Feb 8 2016
C Dale

The freak accident and tragic loss of friend & band mate Nicki Carano, whose car was struck by a falling tree as she was driving to a gig last Sun, Jan 31st, is still inconceivable at this time. As many of you know, too young, beautiful, talented and kind. I am blessed with the memories I have with her. From being her high school prom date, to the music we created together that not only made us happy, but also those around us.

I’ll miss the inquisitive look on people’s faces, as they watched her set up her drums and how quickly it changed to amazement, halfway through the first song. I’ll miss teasing her about going home and eating a whole pint of ice cream after gigs. I love the way she cooked dinner for her family on Sundays. How much she cared about them and loved being an auntie. She was a gift to so many. Unforgettable. Irreplaceable. My aching heart goes out to the Carano Family, her boyfriend Lonnie, and all those she has touched so lovingly.

I’ve posted a couple of pics on my website home page, along with a video of the band at SD County Fair and a link to the beginning of a story that explains how I connected to Nicki, not just once, but twice in our lifetimes and why I place her at the top of the list, of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. As the overwhelming emotions continue to flow, I am grateful she has given me the strength to share part of our story.

I love you Nicki.