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Jan 19 2016
C Dale
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I can’t believe the news yesterday. Eagles co-founder Glen Frey has passed away at age 67. Since the beginning of Dec, I have now lost 3 genuine musical influences, as he has joined David Bowie & Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, in the Big All Star Band in the Sky.

The 3 Eagles tunes I currently cover are all sung by Frey (Already Gone, Peaceful Easy Feeling & Tequila Sunrise). 2 of those songs written by Encinitas, CA resident Jack Tempchin. I’ve also covered several STP songs in my former rock band Grays Well. Last Thursday I did an impromptu tribute to Bowie, singing 10 of his classic hits using karaoke backing tracks, having covered “Let’s Dance” & “Space Oddity” at previous stages of my career.

Ground control to Major Tom. Can’t believe they’re Already Gone. Big Empty!



Jan 13 2016
C Dale
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Meet my friend Jacob Lawless. He’s rocking that Beatles t-shirt along with his single tooth smile he affectionately calls, “The Can Opener.” You gotta love it! Pork & Beans, coming right up! “Smile and get one back!”


Happy Happy Happy….

Jan 5 2016
C Dale
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Got a minute?
Well, 1 minute and 14 seconds to be exact.

I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year,
with a little hand from my friends.