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Napkin As A Tip?!

Nov 16 2015
C Dale
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Thank You Florida!
2 weeks of Good Times & Beer (wrote a song about it) with Charlie Imes from Tampa to Key West and back. Well, mostly good times, minus the running out of gas in the middle of the Florida Everglades. 2 1/2 hours of profuse sweating on the side of the road, under the watchful eyes of a vulture and I think I have my next song. Thanks Charlie! And to all of you who either hosted us or came out and listened to us along the way, we appreciate the love! It was especially a treat to cross paths with so many current San Diegans, as well as recent transplants, as we made our way through the Sunshine State.

Another thing I’ve noticed when I’m on the road with Charlie is that tips can come in all sorts of forms. From a bird overhead dropping a rat at your feet in San Felipe, to this genuine piece of art, sketched on a napkin as we performed, then folded and placed in our jar.