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I Didn’t Snooze

Oct 12 2015
C Dale
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CD & SW at SDMAs
Congrats to my talented friend Sierra West, for narrowly squeaking by me to take home the “Best Singer/Songwriter” crown at this year’s SD Music Awards! I zigged, she zagged….the rest is history!

I want to give praise to all the talented musicians that reside in my hometown and continue to make the America’s Finest City soundtrack a HIT! It’s saying something when you have just as much great independent music as Austin and Nashville, even though you get distracted by things like the beach, the food, the brew….the zoo!
Last but not leastly, BIG THANKS to everyone who voted for me and continues to support my music career, as they secretly cross their fingers in hopes that I finally get a real job someday. How can I blame you? I’m now 0 for 11 at the SDMAs. At least I’m consistent!