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Surf & Turf

Jul 22 2015
C Dale
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Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening. Woodstock-style w/ Matt Silvia at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar.

Powerhouse Park

“Where to turf meets the surf down in old Del Mar”. Sing it Bing!!!

C. Dale & Friends Hump Day Acousticness

Jul 15 2015
C Dale
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HD DiMille's 6-24-15 (3) 40

What’s up with these peeps?! Are they enthusiastic because Wed is the new Thursday? Bottles of wine are 1/2 off? DiMille’s uses only the finest homegrown oregano in their tasty Italian fare? They’re all simultaneously trying to request the “Waitress” song? Perhaps they’re raising their hands because they use Sure deodorant? Whatever the case may be, they sure do look happy!

All Smiles

Jul 7 2015
C Dale
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Moonlight Beach 4 20

By the looks on these little treasured faces, I’m guessing they either:

A) Enjoyed last Sunday’s Moonlight Beach Concert

B) Popped in a stick of Orbit chewing gum. FABULOUS!

C) Just found out that they’ve been adopted by Brangelina.

D) Are stoked there’s no school tomorrow!

“Smile and get one back. Then another and another, we’ll lose track.” 🙂