The Daily Kazoo

May 26 2015
C Dale

I feel compelled to report and document, a series of kazoo grabbings. Exhibit #1 – Jody. Nice girl. She seemed to know what she was doing and enjoyed holding my kazoo but, this was several weeks ago and I haven’t seen her since!

Jody Kazoo at DiMille's web

Exhibit #2 – Kim. Her enthusiasm was apparent from the get go. She swiftly removed it from the pocket of my guitar case and before I could even give her any instructions, ie. how to hold it, where to place it, etc…..she put it in her mouth!

Kim Kazoo web

There have been quite a few others but, it seems these are the only 2 that the paparazzi caught on film. I now have a hidden camera on my microphone stand because I’m fairly certain, without any reasonable doubt, that this type of behavior will not be ceasing or desisting, anytime soon.