Picture This

May 12 2015
C Dale

Picture This….

It’s Sunday, May 3rd and you show up to play a house concert @ Casa Tortooga in Bonita, CA

Casa Tortooga 2

It’s a beautiful day, you’re playing poolside for 50 people who are all dressed in beach attire and you’re wearing pants!

Casa Tortooga 1

You decide that you already look like an idiot, have to pee and don’t wanna walk all the way around to and through the house, so you jump in the pool with your clothes on. Then you redeem yourself with a flash of brilliance, by placing your flip flops on your hands and setting a new World Record for the 50 meter backstroke!

Casa Tortooga 3 crop

GOLD!!! Big thanks to my gracious hosts Kevin & Tish Disston!