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The Daily Kazoo

May 26 2015
C Dale
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I feel compelled to report and document, a series of kazoo grabbings. Exhibit #1 – Jody. Nice girl. She seemed to know what she was doing and enjoyed holding my kazoo but, this was several weeks ago and I haven’t seen her since!

Jody Kazoo at DiMille's web

Exhibit #2 – Kim. Her enthusiasm was apparent from the get go. She swiftly removed it from the pocket of my guitar case and before I could even give her any instructions, ie. how to hold it, where to place it, etc…..she put it in her mouth!

Kim Kazoo web

There have been quite a few others but, it seems these are the only 2 that the paparazzi caught on film. I now have a hidden camera on my microphone stand because I’m fairly certain, without any reasonable doubt, that this type of behavior will not be ceasing or desisting, anytime soon.

Picture This

May 12 2015
C Dale
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Picture This….

It’s Sunday, May 3rd and you show up to play a house concert @ Casa Tortooga in Bonita, CA

Casa Tortooga 2

It’s a beautiful day, you’re playing poolside for 50 people who are all dressed in beach attire and you’re wearing pants!

Casa Tortooga 1

You decide that you already look like an idiot, have to pee and don’t wanna walk all the way around to and through the house, so you jump in the pool with your clothes on. Then you redeem yourself with a flash of brilliance, by placing your flip flops on your hands and setting a new World Record for the 50 meter backstroke!

Casa Tortooga 3 crop

GOLD!!! Big thanks to my gracious hosts Kevin & Tish Disston!

Fan Of The Month

May 12 2015
C Dale
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For those of you who don’t live in San Diego (hold on, I’m coming….) or haven’t been to a show in a awhile, meet Nancy Bazzetta.

Nancy - FOTM Apr crop

Not only does she get Brownie points for wearing that spiffy t-shirt but, she made it to every Hump Day Acousticness show in April, as well as the Folkey Monkey & Bahia Belle! For lavishing me with so much attention, She wins a prize!
A 30-min private performance for her and up to 10 friends, where she gets to pick the songs. Thank You…Nancy!
You’ve got style and impeccable taste!