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Dancing In The 80’s

Apr 28 2015
C Dale
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I grew up through the 80’s. If I make it to my 80’s, I want to be like this couple. They are both 83 years-old and stole the show when the trio played in Ramona back in March.

OMG! He’s like 6 foot something and she’s reaching for 5 feet. You know it’s on when they changed into their dancing shoes before they hit the floor. BAM! Hand gestures, spins and she even shoots between his legs! They said they didn’t start dancing ’til they we’re in their mid-70’s because they didn’t think they could because of the height difference.

After watching this video…….I’m hearing Tina Turner sing, “What’s height got to do, got to do with it?”


Apr 21 2015
C Dale
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My beloved Honda Accord has finally been sent out to pasture. 223,000 miles old, my Road Warrior! Now what?! This tiny tractor is fun but I need cargo space. That’s why I’m not “Crazy about a Mercury”, nor test driving a “Little Red Corvette”. “Pink Cadillac”? Hell NO! There’s no way my stuff & “I Get Around” in a “Low Rider”. I don’t need a “Fast Car” so I can travel like “Greased Lightnin’ down “Route 66”. I’m a practical “Highway Star” looking for…..a mini van. “M” is for MUSICIAN!