Lone Star State

Mar 31 2015
C Dale

Been getting hounded for highlights from my trip to the Lone Star state, so here goes:

Dexter ball 20
Dexter The Wonderdog keeps swimming or chasing the ball, long after the Engergizer Bunny has been stopped for assault, and to change his battery.

Dexter swim 20

Rudys 1 20
BBQ from a Shell station and I didn’t get gas?!

Rudys 2 20

Ice Cream beach 20
Ice cream truck driving on the sand, up and down the shoreline?! Not in San Diego. Sun of a beach!

Crystal Beach 20

CD & MelaGrass
Jamming with my friends MelaGrass from Knoxville, TN

MelaGrass selfie 20
MelaGrass and CD selfie!

T Bobe Tom's 1 20
T-Bone Tom’s – Kemah, TX.

CD tractor 20
Austin is putting me to work!

Red Carpet Castners 20
Austin Red Carpet with The Castners