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Sep 22 2014
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I’ve decided to post the entire “Middle Of Nowhere” EP on SoundCloud, for your listening pleasure, a week before it becomes available. Who loves you baby?! I believe you should be able to preview it, before any thoughts of parting with your hard earned bit coins, euros or Johnny Cash. “I keep a close watch on this stash of mine.” And I do! You just never know when the price of Top Ramen may go up. Being somewhat The Gambler that I am though, I’m willing to bet that upon listening, you’ll find it worth the $6 price tag, hold’em rather than fold’em, and be ALL IN!

Listen to the Middle Of Nowhere EP HERE


Sneak Peek

Sep 15 2014
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Here’s the first look at the cover of the new CD. Decided to go with “Middle Of Nowhere” as the title, ’cause it speaks to me. Submitted for manufacturing TODAY, we are just weeks away from it becoming available to YOU first, before it is shot out of a cannon, to the rest of the unsuspecting world.


It’s been a long labor of love, stop & go, ups & downs and the kind of anticipation, that has had me feeling like I’ve been holding a french fry for the last 9 months, waiting for the ketchup to flow from the Heinz bottle. I appreciate your patience and continued support!

Can’t wait to get out and see some familiar faces, near or far, and make more musical moments together. Fresh french fries all around! It’s time to ketchup!

Homegrown After Hour

Sep 8 2014
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Last week I provided a link to the KPRI 102.1fm Homegrown Hour radio broadcast featuring a chat with me and a preview of the first single off my forthcoming CD “Middle Of Nowhere”.

Well, what I failed to mention was, they kept me and fellow singer/songwriter friend Spud Davenport hostage for an additional hour, force fed us beer & wine and made us talk a lot more, while they played some additional tunes, including my cover of Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” and Spud’s cover of Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher”.

I was only released after agreeing to tell my story about the time Rick Springfield hung out with us at my mom’s house. I was hoping that would come in handy sometime. I was then rushed to General Hospital to be treated for minor success.

Listen to the Homegrown After Hour podcast HERE

Rick Springfield @ my mom’s house 2010

On The Radio

Sep 1 2014
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Happy Labor Day

Yesterday I got my 6 minutes of fame. Wait a minute, wasn’t I supposed to get 15 minutes?!

Nevertheless, I had the pleasure of chatting with Cathryn Beeks on KPRI 102.1fm’s Homegrown Hour and she played the first single, “Middle Of Nowhere” from my forthcoming CD release. I’ve always been told I have a face for radio and now I’ve had the chance to prove it.

Got it all cued up and ready to go. Just 6 minutes of your time. That’s like the same amount of time it takes to do that ab workout!

Listen to “Middle Of Nowhere” on KPRI 102.1fm Homegrown Hour HERE