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What’s Going On

Jun 30 2014
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Thought I’d bring you up to date on what’s going on. Been listening to mixes from our recording sessions. The thought of your ears funneling the sound I hear, to your brain in hopes of creating positive facial expressions, along with chronic foot tapping, has me more excited than a Labrador retrieving a tennis ball. Or was it Charlie Sheen sitting court-side behind the Laker Girls? Well, you get what I’m saying. A close second, was my reaction to eating Bacon Wrapped Pickles at the Fair last Fri. YUM!
Working on the artwork and planning some listening parties both on-line, and at local establishments, to celebrate the release. TO THE MOON! More soon…..

Oh, The Humanity!

Jun 16 2014
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Been playing this game called “Cards Against Humanity” for a while now. It’s described as “Apples To Apples” for horrible people. Players take turns reading a black card (question), and the other players anonymously play a white card (answer) face-down. Then the card reader picks their favorite answer and that person collects the black card. First player to collect 5 black cards, WINS!

CAH 75

Guess who won the one above……..

Troubadour Cover