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May 27 2014
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Apparently, in my early years, my mom was grooming me to follow in the footsteps of The Jackson 5 & The Osmonds. Autograph? Hold on, let me get my Crayons.

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May 12 2014
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Yesterday was a day to celebrate our moms. I did so by crooning for her and many other moms, in a suit and tie no less, at the boat club I belong to on Mission Bay for Mother’s Day Brunch. I told her that I loved her and forgave her for making me take tap dance lessons, eat peas and some of the clothes she dressed me in as a child. I said sorry it took so long but, I had been concentrating on all the other stuff she did right, like Legos and Otter Pops.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

May 5 2014
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I look forward to celebrating this day by breaking Man Law #9, “Don’t Fruit The Beer’, by adding a lime to ma ma ma….myyyyy Corona! I also promised myself that I’d finally learn all the lyrics to the classic song, “Tequila”. Later tonight, I’ll be searching my TV line up for the movie “Spanglish”, in case I have trouble falling asleep. Ole….and adios amigos!