I love how songs can trigger past memories. I find this to be one of the prime examples of the power of music. People, places and things can come rushing back to your consciousness, the moment you hear that familiar opening lick or lyric.

One such musical memory has me forever pairing canned meat with a Hall & Oats song and my friends Ian & Cameron Gary. The Garys lived a few streets down from me and the elementary school we attended. I would especially look forward to the periodic sleep overs at their place because they had the Hall & Oats record with the song “Rich Girl” and they introduced me to Spam & eggs for breakfast. No matter how much I begged my mom, she wouldn’t stock Spam in the house. But she would let me spend the night at the Garys, where I got to eat Spam and sing the lyrical line “It’s a bitch girl…..”. Hall & Oats with Spam, not just for breakfast anymore!