Back To School

Mar 18 2014

High school never scared me as a student. I ruled the school! Returning to my alma mater Clairemont High, which inspired the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” for the first time as an adult, made me a little nervous though. I was pretty sure my usual repertoire of “Sesame Street” & “I’m A Believer” wasn’t going to go over as well as it does with the elementary school kids I’m used to playing for. High school kids think they’re the coolest and KNOW EVERYTHING! Knowing I was up against the scrutiny of these future rulers who were thinking to themselves, “What do these old people got?!”, we cut them off at the pass with a blazing set from the full band and a “Dog Gone” country song with a lyrical line in it that states, “I bet you still find time to stop and lick your balls.” They clapped and cheered. We packed up our gear and went around the corner for some BBQ and beer! Everything cool? Cool.

Matt & I about to unleash the band @ Clairemont High School 3-14-14