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Mar 24 2014
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Been listening to mixes of the first 5 songs that will ultimately become part of the next CD. So far, so good. Song about being in love (Restless Heart), check. Song about love being a home invasion (Used To Be My Place), check. Song about rekindling love (Middle Of Nowhere), check. Song about unconditional love (Do No Wrong), check. Song that mentions my dog licking his balls (Dog Gone), CHECK! 4 more written and ready to record. Now if I could just finish the song about the lovable singer/songwriter with writers block, who fell asleep in a bar during karaoke last Sat night.

Back To School

Mar 18 2014
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High school never scared me as a student. I ruled the school! Returning to my alma mater Clairemont High, which inspired the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” for the first time as an adult, made me a little nervous though. I was pretty sure my usual repertoire of “Sesame Street” & “I’m A Believer” wasn’t going to go over as well as it does with the elementary school kids I’m used to playing for. High school kids think they’re the coolest and KNOW EVERYTHING! Knowing I was up against the scrutiny of these future rulers who were thinking to themselves, “What do these old people got?!”, we cut them off at the pass with a blazing set from the full band and a “Dog Gone” country song with a lyrical line in it that states, “I bet you still find time to stop and lick your balls.” They clapped and cheered. We packed up our gear and went around the corner for some BBQ and beer! Everything cool? Cool.

Matt & I about to unleash the band @ Clairemont High School 3-14-14

Kids Rock

Mar 11 2014
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Nothing makes you feel more like a BIG ROCK STAR, than a room full of kids demanding their favorite C. Dale songs at 7:30pm on a Monday (school) night! Throw in some pizza, 4 service dogs, a slew of crazy dance moves, thunderous applause, the theme song to my favorite show, Sesame Street, and I had to wonder, up to this point, what have I been doing with my life?! Now, I can’t wait for my next bar gig and the drunk guy who shouts out “Free Bird”, so I can tell him to bring his kids next time.

CD BC kids 3-10-14

Roast & Mash

Mar 4 2014
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Today’s special is a hearty serving of Roasted C. Dale with a side of Mashed Songs from my self-titled CD, brought to you by sometime funny man, I’d have to admit, this is one of the times, Mr. JD Boucharde. His use of salt & pepper brings out the true flavor of friendship during this audio recording taken from a private concert atop the 10-story Imperial Towers over looking Downtown San Diego. I’d tell JD he really out did himself this time but, he’d just smile, give me a vegemite sandwich and expect to be tipped.

It’s FREE and at my expense! Available in 2 Parts.
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C. Dale Roast – Comedic Intro

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C. Dale Mash – JD mashes together all the songs from my self-titled CD.

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C. Dale Roast
C. Dale Roast

C. Dale Mash
C. Dale Mash