Write or Wrong

Feb 4 2014

I’m a writer! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. It must be true ’cause I do it all the time. Well, most of the time. Funny thing is, it drives me crazy! Decisions, decisions, decisions. This way, that way, NO WAY! I’ve gotten good at wastepaper basket free throws over the years. Lifetime 84% shooter, as a matter of fact. What does this mean? When is it done? Why am I up at 2,3,4am? I just went to bed 4 hours ago! As a writer you don’t play the percentages, good or bad. When it comes to writing songs, some see the light of day, speak through speakers or sometimes even bounce off an audience right back at ya, The rest are piled high in that blue trashcan outside (this was before I started using a computer of course…DELETE!). Like a baseball player, you’re lucky to hit .200 but, you keep getting on base. Sometimes you make it home. What’s all this mean? I guess it means I’m a writer and I can’t seem to find anything wrong with that.