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My First Band

Feb 18 2014
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I was in 4th grade. My classmate Kelly tells me he plays piano. COOL, let’s put a band together! One day he brought me a cassette tape that had him playing this short and sweet, boogie woogie solo thing and I was like, this is gonna ROCK! By the end of the day, the whole school knew about our Rock & Roll dream. Days later he came over for our first rehearsal, ’cause we had a piano at our house. All the anticipation and excitement had been building up. THIS IS IT! He stands in front of the piano, reaches for the keys, then pulls back and says, “I don’t really play piano.” I’m like “WHAT?! Well who was that on the tape?” Apparently, it was part of an Elvis record. You can totally imagine the look on my face. The same one you had when your friend told you that Santa wasn’t real. I was in 4th grade for Christ sake! I took everything at face value. I also punched Kelly in the face! Needless to say, the band broke up, I drowned my sorrow in a bowl of Spaghetti O’s, then did my math homework.

Counting Stars

Feb 11 2014
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My mom is so cute. For several years now, she has been volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. She loves movies! And me, of course. So towards the end of January, I start getting texts and emails from her documenting her star sightings and encounters. First it was “AARON PAUL (Jessie Pinkman) from Breaking Bad just walk by. He’s much cuter in person and seems so down to earth.” Next, it’s William H. Macy (Fargo, Shameless). “We are BFFs! He talked to me about films for 5 minutes. I can die and go to Heaven now.” She graciously informed him that the infamous woodchipper, from the movie Fargo, was on display at the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau. He did not know that. Points for mom!

Upon her return, she sent out an email (which she called a blog) to all her family and friends titled “Cathy’s Sundance Film Review”, containing critiques of the 15 movies she had seen. HELLO! I think we just found Roger Ebert’s replacement! Based on her giddiness, I’m going to suggest she calls her blog, “Ants In The Pants At Sundance”. Look at her go……:-)

Me & Mom

Write or Wrong

Feb 4 2014
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I’m a writer! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. It must be true ’cause I do it all the time. Well, most of the time. Funny thing is, it drives me crazy! Decisions, decisions, decisions. This way, that way, NO WAY! I’ve gotten good at wastepaper basket free throws over the years. Lifetime 84% shooter, as a matter of fact. What does this mean? When is it done? Why am I up at 2,3,4am? I just went to bed 4 hours ago! As a writer you don’t play the percentages, good or bad. When it comes to writing songs, some see the light of day, speak through speakers or sometimes even bounce off an audience right back at ya, The rest are piled high in that blue trashcan outside (this was before I started using a computer of course…DELETE!). Like a baseball player, you’re lucky to hit .200 but, you keep getting on base. Sometimes you make it home. What’s all this mean? I guess it means I’m a writer and I can’t seem to find anything wrong with that.