Thanks Friends!

Jan 28 2014

The song says. “I get by, high and try with a little help from my friends.” The feeling I got not only sharing the stage with my friends last Fri but, also sitting in the audience for a set, listening as said friends took turns playing one of my songs back to me was, “holy crap, I wish I was wearing Depends because I think I just lost my s**t!” Playing with the band throughout the night, the set with violinist Elise Ohki, collaborations with my musical pals AND the tribute set?! I can die now!

Thanks to Charlie Imes (Hands), Jill Nooren (Middle Of Nowhere), Reverend Stickman & Neener (At Ease), Podunk Nowhere (Places To Be), Matt Silvia (No Angel), Tim Flack (Every Time We Say Goodbye), Elise Ohki & band mates Nicki Carano, Jeff Johnson. Oh yeah….and last but not least, my partner in FUNNER JD Boucharde, who mashed up my entire self-titled CD in a way that made me feel violated yet all warm and fuzzy inside, as he musically proclaimed at the end, “How lucky I AM to have him as a friend!”. The t-shirt he gave me after wards, with his face on it, probably a bit overboard, even for my beloved boat club.