My First Album

Jan 14 2014

Well, the first one I asked for, was “Wings At The Speed Of Sound” by Paul McCartney & Wings. I was 8 years old and couldn’t get enough of the songs, “Let “Em In” & “Silly Love Songs”. Mom did our grocery shopping at the now extinct, Fed Mart, which was just like the current Target (now that they added groceries). I darted through the automatic sliding doors and straight to the music section of the store. There it was on the new release rack and that is when the begging began! “Please please please please please mommy can I have this? You don’t have to buy me the Hostess apple pie this time.” I’m guessing I would’ve been wearing the biggest smile ever, as I walked out of the store clutching that record under my arm, if I wasn’t busy eating my apple pie. 🙂

Thanks for giving me the wings to fly towards my dream!
I love you mom!