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Thanks Friends!

Jan 28 2014
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The song says. “I get by, high and try with a little help from my friends.” The feeling I got not only sharing the stage with my friends last Fri but, also sitting in the audience for a set, listening as said friends took turns playing one of my songs back to me was, “holy crap, I wish I was wearing Depends because I think I just lost my s**t!” Playing with the band throughout the night, the set with violinist Elise Ohki, collaborations with my musical pals AND the tribute set?! I can die now!

Thanks to Charlie Imes (Hands), Jill Nooren (Middle Of Nowhere), Reverend Stickman & Neener (At Ease), Podunk Nowhere (Places To Be), Matt Silvia (No Angel), Tim Flack (Every Time We Say Goodbye), Elise Ohki & band mates Nicki Carano, Jeff Johnson. Oh yeah….and last but not least, my partner in FUNNER JD Boucharde, who mashed up my entire self-titled CD in a way that made me feel violated yet all warm and fuzzy inside, as he musically proclaimed at the end, “How lucky I AM to have him as a friend!”. The t-shirt he gave me after wards, with his face on it, probably a bit overboard, even for my beloved boat club.


Do It

Jan 21 2014
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Is it cool to tell people about the time when your mom taught your 2nd grade class how to do The Hustle, which you later performed on the playground for the entire school? For those of you who don’t know, that’s a disco dance. For all the disco haters out there, I was only 7 years-old! I hated peas, having to go to bed early and many of the outfits my mom made me wear! Ironically, those clothes would be considered retro now and would be flying of the racks at your local re-sale stores. I like Disco. Though I now, for the most part and in the absence of liquid courage, leave the moves to my dance instructor dad, Cool? “Do The Hustle!”

My First Album

Jan 14 2014
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Well, the first one I asked for, was “Wings At The Speed Of Sound” by Paul McCartney & Wings. I was 8 years old and couldn’t get enough of the songs, “Let “Em In” & “Silly Love Songs”. Mom did our grocery shopping at the now extinct, Fed Mart, which was just like the current Target (now that they added groceries). I darted through the automatic sliding doors and straight to the music section of the store. There it was on the new release rack and that is when the begging began! “Please please please please please mommy can I have this? You don’t have to buy me the Hostess apple pie this time.” I’m guessing I would’ve been wearing the biggest smile ever, as I walked out of the store clutching that record under my arm, if I wasn’t busy eating my apple pie. 🙂

Thanks for giving me the wings to fly towards my dream!
I love you mom!


Happy New Year

Jan 2 2014
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Resolution time! Time to build the bigger better me right?! More exercise, more healthy food, more faster, more stronger, more twerking, more cowbell, more, more, more……maybe next year.
This year there will be more shows, more songs, more FUNNER, more happiness and a lot less dilly dallying, hornswoggling & hashtagging! Whatever!

Wishing You The Best for 2014!
Well, always really…..