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Merry Christmas

Dec 23 2013
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‘Tis The Season
Talented singer/songwriter and friend Chris Trapper wrote this great Xmas song that sums up the shopping mall experience. With the help of my friends Kent & Jennifer, we recorded this one take live video of the song last year, proving we’ll all do whatever it takes to git r dun during the holiday season!
Note: Despite the Band Aids, No one was hurt during the filming of this video.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…..

Dec 10 2013
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Man! It seems like EVERY year, Christmas sneaks up on me like Grandma’s eggnog! Everything’s beachin’ and suddenly it’s too late to surf the Internet and you’d rather be Humpty Dumpty and fall off the wall, than brave the shopping mall. Is it because the stores stock Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over, thus tricking me into thinking I’ve got plenty of time to eat my treats before I light a fire for Santa?

Giving Thanks

Dec 2 2013
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Here’s hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
I find myself thankful for so many things! Like runaway truck ramps, guitar tuners, bananas without bruises, the pack of matches on the back of your new girlfriend’s toilet seat, the 5 second rule, flashlight phone apps in dimly lit restaurants, the “take a penny” bowl in front of the cash register at liquor stores, special guests Viva Apollo featuring the soulful voice of Amanda Portela at THIS Sat’s FREE concert and can openers, just to name a few. Oh, and of course, YOU!