Nov 19 2013

Wow One Week it was since my last newsletter! Walking, writing, rehearsing, recording, gigging, haircut, teeth cleaning, dinner at mom’s, spam, eggs, top ramen, gummy bears, deodorant….wait a minute, that’s my grocery list. Saw 2 shows at House of Blues – Tuesday my Aussie friends Satellite Sky rocked our faces off! And Sunday Geezer made us laugh our faces off with such revamped classics as the Stones “Get Off Of My Lawn”. There couldn’t be a more appropriate lead-in to THIS Friday’s FUNNER show! We’ll be “Taking It To The Sheets”, “Free Ballin'” and serving up all kinds of mashes, that we’ll need a gravy boat the size of the Titanic, to co ver them all! Sounds like something’s going down THIS Friday.