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Oct 22 2013
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My first concert ever was the Beach Boys in 5th grade. Their greatest hits album “Endless Summer”, had me dreamin’ of California Girls like Barbara Ann, Rhonda and Surfer Girl. So imagine the Good Vibrations I felt when hired to emulate my idols by singing on a song written and synced to video, by local San Diego County resident Kerry Witkin, celebrating his love for the coastline of Encinitas. SURF’S UP!
Check out the video for “Encinitas Song” HERE


Oct 9 2013
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As in “something for nothing” or “Take One”. And the feeling you get when receiving something for free was never better expressed in music, than by the title and chorus of the 1970 hit song “All Right Now”, by the English rock band, FREE!

That being said, hope you get that warm fuzzy good feeling with this FREE DOWNLOAD of the acoustic demo for my NEW song “See Him Again”. Here’s hoping you’ve been blessed by such a family member or friend in your life.

Listen, Read The Lyrics and Download “See Him Again” HERE