Jul 31 2013

Double Digits
Ah….the number 10. In this case, is she a beauty? Am I completely satisfied? Am I cranking the volume ALL THE WAY UP? Am I counting down? Do I need to cut my finger nails? (YES!)

Well….this particular 10, as announced yesterday, represents my 10th career San Diego Music Award nomination. WOW! I’m suddenly feeling old! Will my streak stay intact come Oct 9th at 0 for 10?! Will my prestigious title as the Susan Lucci of the SDMAs (which I’m proud of) be jeopardized if I were to humbly suggest you vote for me? Care to join me in a little experiment? Have I told you lately that I love you?!

Who wants some ice cream a.k.a. VOTE for Christopher Dale – “Best Singer/Songwriter” HERE

It’s an honor just to be recognized. It’s because of YOU that I get to do what I love to do, as a career! And for that, I’m giving you a 9.9!
Hey! Nobody’s perfect!