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I’m Walking…..

Jun 25 2013
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yes indeed! I’m so proud of myself! I got out and exercised today! And just like I do many times when I’m doing the things I do, I created a soundtrack in my head, along the way. It started with Fats Domino “I’m Walking”, followed by Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”. That led to “Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed. Then that, The Proclaimers song tuned in with “And I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more….”. That’s when I thought to myself, “Hey! Let’s not get carried away now!” Since my endurance is still in question, it was time Johnny and “I Walk The Line” back home!

Hot Dog!

Jun 18 2013
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Inspiration can strike at any moment. Just ask singer/songwriter and San Diego resident Jack Tempchin. Jack’s song “Peaceful Easy Feeling” was covered by his buddies The Eagles and ended up on the biggest selling album of ALL TIME (Eagles Greatest Hits). I met him back in 2002 and have heard the story of how the song originated. He was at Der Wienerschnitzel on Washington St. in Hillcrest, when a girl walked by and he thought to himself, “I like the way your sparkling earrings lay, against your skin so brown.” She continued walking….he finished his hot dog and later….the song. The rest is history!

Jack wrote another song that ended up on that greatest hits album as well called “Already Gone”, containing the lyrical line, “Then you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself.” Can’t remember where he said he was eating that day?
Check out this video from Handlery Hotel of myself and the lovely Elise Ohki on violin (formerly of The Grams, 2-time SD Music Award Winners for “Best Americana”) covering The Eagles “Already Gone” written by San Diego’s own Jack Tempchin.

Fly Robin…..Fly!

Jun 11 2013
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Last week’s Hump Day Acousticness guest, Robin Henkel, is a true treasure! His dedication to the preservation of the real deal acoustic Blues is undeniable! From his attire to the classic, musty smelling instruments he uses to catapult us back to a time when Rock n Roll was just an embryo, you feel what he’s putting out! His energy could power ALL the Xboxes on the planet, simultaneously! His foot stomping turns boulders into sand!

He recently explained to me that to play the Blues you have to harness this sexy attitude on the inside, then take it out for a ride! After having the pleasure of singing to his guitar playing, I felt it. It’s like I blacked out, became Pelvis, snapped back and said to myself, “What the F just happened?!” Based on the audiences reaction, it must have been something good.

Used To Be My Place

Jun 4 2013
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Here’s a little excerpt from my latest song, “Used To Be My Place”, inspired by the series of events that can happen, and rightly so, when your girlfriend moves into your bachelor pad.

“Love is a home invasion, first you stole my heart. Then things began to disappear and that was just the start…….The dogs playing poker, I had hanging on the living room wall, lost to a full house and a picture of a waterfall……..I’m down to one crowded shelf, in the medicine cabinet too. I’m singing in the shower with ten different bottles of shampoo…..Yeah the stuff that I’m missing didn’t leave an empty space. It’s now a spot for your something else in what used to be, my place……….”