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I Want To Ride My……

May 28 2013
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I guess I didn’t get enough of the biker theme in last week’s blog. Jennifer Potter’s timing, of posting this pic on my Facebook page this morning, couldn’t have been any better! Thanks for sharing Jenn!
Apparently after working out at the gym, she went to retrieve her bike from the rack and noticed this classy little mobile marketing machine next to her. From bathroom stalls in Boston ladies rooms, under drive thru windows at taco shops and even the occasional lunch pail, to peddling alongside the health & environmentally conscious commuter, C. Dale stickers really get around!
“Now all I wanna do is bicycle, bicycle……..with fat bottomed girls, ’cause they make the rockin’ world go ’round!” Then like the bike says, “Go veggie….burrito.”

We’ll I’m Running Down The Road….

May 14 2013
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For me, the most opportune and beneficial time to listen to music, is in the car. Traffic jam? No problem, I’ve got The Eagles telling me to “Take It Easy”. Someone just cut me off? A few boisterous choruses of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” can certainly help release some tension. Seriously though, as I stated in my song “Hilary”, “You’re the DJ that gets me down the freeway. Now everything is alright, I get to where I’m going and I’m not uptight!”, I find that listening to the radio, yes I said “radio!”(I don’t have a CD player and my state of the art cassette player doesn’t work anymore), can really help take your mind off things and make it seem like you get to your destination faster.

When on the road, I do wonder what other people are listening to at any given moment. Well, with the exception of the Hip Hopster next to me at the stop light, who’s bass speakers are rattling my windows. I’m also pretty sure the person flying by me on the I-5, at 100 miles per hour, isn’t listening to “Stuck In The Middle…..with you”.

Thanks For Your P…..

May 7 2013
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Writing songs, well ones that I care to share, can sometimes take what seems like an eternity. Kinda like waiting in that loooooong line for the porta potty at a huge music festival sponsored by Coors Light. But when it starts to flow……ahhhhhh! For those of you I haven’t visited in awhile, as I parked myself in So Cal for the past couple of years, dishing out details about shows miles and miles away from you, I appreciate your patience! For those of you in San Diego, thanks for your continued support and for being the guinea pigs, who provide me with the valuable feedback/reaction to the new songs, I need in order to continue to edge ever closer to recording my next CD. 🙂