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Mama Mia!

Apr 30 2013
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I’m fascinated by the way songs can randomly enter your head without being prompted by the radio, internet, etc. I’m outdoors on Mission Bay hanging with some friends when suddenly “Fernando” by ABBA pops into my head. Was it something someone said?! After a few moments of trying to solve the mystery of this sudden Swedish Invasion, I could only pin it on a “Random Act Of Songness”. “Fernando?!” Really?! This of course led me through a medley of ABBA hits including “Chiquitita”, “Take A Chance On Me”,
“Dancing Queen” and the show stopper, “S.O.S.” CRAZY! Uh oh, OZZY!!!! Here we go again…….

I Wonder

Apr 24 2013

Have you ever sang in the shower and you thought there was nobody else around who could hear you? I just finished belting out, “Zestfully clean, Zestfully clean! You’re not fully clean until your Zestfully clean!” and a voice shouts out, “Are you going to be covering that one at your next Handlery gig?” DOH!


Apr 16 2013
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Had the pleasure to guest on the 347 Steps podcast on Apr. 3rd discussing such topics/stories as the sport of Over-The-Line, Playing songs at 3am in a NJ bar parking lot for the Chief of Police, as well as 3 live song performances, “Waitress”, “Spice Of Life” & “Dog Gone”. Whoa! They like me. They really really like me!

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It’s been a magical musical tour playing with drummer Bill Coomes over the past 7 years. From local SD clubs like Anthology, Belly Up, to many outdoor festivals, US & AUS tours, it’s been quite a ride. Thanks to all of you who came out to Bill Fest on Sunday to watch The Man, The Stick, The Machine rock out with 4 bands that all had 1 thing in common, Billy on drums! We all were blown away by the turnout and love! We wish NashBill the best as he heads to his new musical home in the South!
Thanks to Kent La Gree for taking some video footage of the event!

Got My Fill In Nashville

Apr 3 2013
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Hashbrowns at the, OMG I LOVE THE, Waffle House! If I die tomorrow, cover me like a biscuit with gravy! Music Row, full of quaint little houses converted into office spaces, made me feel right at home. I even offered to take out the trash after my meeting with music publisher Bobby Rymer. Catching up with friends and former SD residents led me to the stage at Benchmark to play a few tunes with Deadline Friday/Citizen Band guitarist Mike Spurgat as well as a kitchen concert at Don & Tara Ross’ on Easter. All in all, not sure why it is when people say, “things are going south”, it sounds like a bad thing?