Last Friday night’s show at Wynola Pizza Express, just outside of Julian, CA, found me breaking new ground, once again! Not only was it the first time I played in a barn, in which they make some pretty darn good tasting pizza and house some of the best music fans you could ever hope to roll in the hay with but, I also managed to take the term wardrobe malfunction to another level.

Two-thirds of the way through the show, I kindly asked my friends Podunk Nowhere to cover me for a song while I tended to nature’s #1 call. Once inside the confines of my own private stall, It was then that I discovered I had no access to the relief I was seeking due to the fact that I had my boxer underwear on backwards. Now I once wore a girlfriend’s G-string for good luck but, pounding 2 glasses of water before driving an hour and a half, then having 2 adult beverages and 3 more glasses of water at the show, before I needed to go?! Now that’s ridiculous!