It is with a heavy heart, but a thankful liver, that I must dispatch such news as this. Drummer, singer, band member, thought provoking philosopher and friend Bill Coomes, will now be making music and mayhem in notorious Nashville. For those of you who have ever had the pleasure of experiencing a live, ultra sonic C. Dale Trio “Wet Willie”, you know what we’ll all be missing! Chemistry! Whenever my voice has the chance to blend with band mates Matt Silvia & Bill Coomes to create those goose bumping 3-part harmonies, my ears state matter of factly that, this is what I was born to do and who I’m supposed to be doing it with!

To know Bill and his natural talent, you can only be excited for what his future holds and wish him well! This isn’t the end of our magical, musical journey, just a change in frequency. I have found that it can be pretty easy to take for granted, those who regularly stand before and/or beside you. Now, on the much fewer occasions that we’ll undoubtedly come together, I will cherish it all the more!