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You Know You’ve Made It…

Feb 19 2013
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….when the lyrics to your song are scratched on the wall of the ladies room, just above your sticker, in a live music venue 3,000 miles from home!

On Another Note:
I was introduced to the wonderful world of virtual tennis on the Wii active gaming console this past weekend. The pressure to win, in today’s world, has led to a Wii shoulder injury. It’s been 3 days and I’m still in Wii physical therapy. If this is the price I have to pay to be a champion Virtual Athlete, I’m terrified of what the vices of being a Virtual Rock Star in the game Rock Band might do to me!

Fat Tuesday

Feb 12 2013
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That would be today and I have to say “YAY!” I love a party, absolutely adore Cajun food and this particular day always triggers my first taste back in the year 1998, on the streets of the U.S. capital of it all, New Orleans! A magnificent city of music and culture that has been the spice of my life on many occasions! No other city like it!

Today I celebrate the post-Katrina perseverance of one of my all-time favorite destinations with jambalaya, jazz and DVR’d episodes of the HBO series TREME. And I reminisce about my bayou gator encounter, karaoke at the Cat’s Meow and the wonderful group I paraded in costume with, as well as the cruel shoes, that gave me mad blisters on my heels and had me in flip flops for a week straight! Now that’s a cause for a hurricane! The drink not the natural phenomenon, that is. Cheers!

It Could Happen

Feb 5 2013
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Don’t wanna go out to a bar, club or restaurant and share me with a bunch strangers? How ’bout a short set of love songs before dinner for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? It could happen. DinnerAndSong for you and 8 to 12 friends? It could happen. DessertAndSong and invite co-workers, neighbors and loved ones? All in the comfort of your own home. Everyone chips in a little cover charge and BAM, you’re producing a House Concert! A magical, intimate, musical memory that you don’t have to foot the entire bill for and everyone thinks you’re The Best! It could happen. It has happened. It continues to happen!

Whether you live in my hometown or halfway around the globe, how ’bout something as simple as a handi-cam or cell phone video with a personal message leading into your favorite artist singing, to your special someone, that you “are looking for someone to share your Ice Cream with”. Or, “How lucky I am, to have you as a Friend!” Post to Youtube and share it. It could happen!

Here’s a video I was asked to do recently, on beautiful Mission Bay, for a B-day girl who lives in the mid-west. Unfortunately, I really could have used some help with hair and MAKEUP! 🙂 Check it out and may smiles and a great day be with you!
Happy B-day Video