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’til the milk expires, ’til the leftovers go under, ’til the prescription runs out, ’til the sale ends, ’til somebody’s favorite show, ’til someone’s dream comes true, ’til the week goes YOUR way, ’til it’s FRIDAY!

Music Trivia

Jan 22 2013
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Something you may not know about me but, I’m a big music trivia fan! Go figure. Decided to indulge my craving last night by visiting 710 Beach Club in PB. The theme, 80’s & 90’s. Cha…..ching! They also ponied up an extra prize for the best team name. My team’s name, “The Announcer’s A Dork” got the most chuckles, throughout the night, but narrowly lost the name game to “Better Late Than Pregnant”, who of course, had showed up late. By the way, the announcer just happened to be a friend of mine. Fortunately, that disappointment soon faded as we were awarded the 1st Prize trophey for our musical knowledge savageness! Isn’t she a beauty!

As Emeril would say……..”BAM!”

No Comment!

Jan 16 2013
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Until now, that has been the response you would get from my website after reading my blog posts, as well as many a celebrity, politician or CEO who’s actions have put them under media fire. Well, after masquerading as a lousy webmaster for too long, I have had a chat with Mr. ChristopherDaleMusic.Com and we have come to an understanding that this kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated! I want to know what you’re thinking when it comes to topics like “Leftovers” and “Handshakes” or anything else on your mind you’d like to share via my Cyberspace Home!

Happy New Year

Jan 9 2013
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Hope you had a great holiday season! Now that the egg nog has expired and 2012 has been laid to rest with the Mayan calendar, it’s time for the good old New Year’s resolutions to kick in.

Here’s a few I’m working on:

* Exercising an hour a day *
Because bacon, isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

* Making better choices when it comes to late night infomercial purchases *
Saving money by cutting my own hair with the Flowbee, seemed practical to me. Although buying the Shaker Weight at 2:30am after watching a movie on Cinemax was probably more of an impulse purchase.

* Writing more songs for the next CD release *
Because I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna write themselves.

Cheers to 2013!