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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…

Dec 24 2012
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…and all through the malls, people were scrambling and climbing the walls. A doll for my sister, a wrench for my dad. Some make-up for mom (have you seen the girls working the make-up counter?!), hey Santa, does checking them out make me bad?! I wish I had a sleigh ride rather than a car. Then I wouldn’t be out of breath ’cause I had to park so far! Soon it’ll all be over and we’ll get back to our lives. Now that I’m broke would you like to be my wife? Once the shopping is over the fun can begin. Sharing time with the family and many a friend. We’re all very lucky to have each other. Even though sometimes we find ourselves saying, “Oh Brother!” So light the fire and raise your glass. If you don’t like Christmas, how ’bout my birthday?!

Merry Christmas!

Thank You!

Dec 18 2012
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Thanks so much to all those who attended the Rock Valley House Concert last Sat and to our gracious hosts Carol & Jeff! It was truly a very special night that I will forever cherish!

Black & Blue Christmas

Dec 11 2012
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Talented singer/songwriter and friend Chris Trapper wrote this great Xmas song that sums up the shopping mall experience during the holidays. With the help of my friends Kent & Jennifer, I recorded this one take live video of the song last night, proving we’ll all do whatever it takes to git r dun during the holiday season! Note: Despite the Band Aids, No one was hurt during the filming of this video.

Here’s the first verse and chorus:

Everyone’s waiting and anticipating ’cause Christmas is 2 days away.
Last minute shopping, traffic ain’t stopping, old lady get outta my way!
Yes that’s the spirit and Santa can here it, stuck in his shopping mall hell.
Sneaking a shot while he’s still on the clock, stood up and laughed ’til he fell.

No it won’t be Christmas this year ’til we all turn black and blue.
But it’s all worth the wear and the tear to spend Christmas with you!

Click HERE to watch my video of the entire song “Black & Blue Christmas”
Happy Holidays!

Some Things I Get Excited About…

Dec 4 2012
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Waking Up, The Sun, Bacon, Music, Helpful People, Bocce Ball, Sons Of Anarchy, Laughter, Smiles, Bowling, Music Trivia, Karaoke Impersonations, Creativity, San Diego, Sandwiches, Success Stories, Sharing, Cheese, Craft Beer, Good Causes, Come Backs, Traveling, Passion, The Future and Ugly Xmas Sweaters!
Just to name a few…….