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Places To Be

Nov 27 2012
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I wanted to share this video for a few different reasons:

1) Because as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I’m thankful for my friends. Like Cathryn Beeks for one, who sang with me and organized the Acoustic Alliance (songwriters circle) Show, from which this footage was taken, and Happy Ron for taking it upon himself to film this song and post it on Youtube.

2) I’m currently working with another friend, Jennifer Lonack, an artist who is helping me design a new t-shirt based on this song.

3) I had my winter coat on, a.k.a long hair and beard. Will history repeat itself? Or will I chicken out after only a week into it, because of the little patch of grey on my left cheek. Stay tuned……..

Watch a live performance of “Places To Be” HERE

Thanks & Giving

Nov 21 2012
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On Thanksgiving we’re supposed to express what we’re thankful for. Besides my family, friends, health and good fortune, I’m thankful I’m not a turkey. For if I was, I would not only be a vegetarian (nothing personal, I like vegetables), but people would always be calling me a TURKEY! I’d also really miss the following week consisting of turkey tacos, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey burgers, sammies and turkey gravy shakes my mom will be giving me!

Something To Wine About

Nov 13 2012
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I’m a fan of the grape! But not all vintages are created equal. A good wine can turn a bad day into no big deal. A bad whine can turn a good day into the REM song, “Everybody Hurts” on repeat. I especially like wine pairings. But alas, some pairings are less desirable than others. Good wines go great with cheeses. Bad whines go great with the song “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen.

It just so happens that this week’s San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival uncorks 2 great pairings with the C. Dale Trio. Info Here

Oh Daylight Savings….

Nov 6 2012
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How can I call thee that now? I’m spending more time with the lights on like an electricity grubbing sow. I wish only to enjoy more sunlight, throughout the entire year. And preserve the tan I worked so hard on, that soon will sadly disappear. Oh cruel and callous darkness, masquerading as rock & roll. 5 o’clock is too early to come inside, ’cause by 8pm I’m asleep holding the remote control!

Good Times with Podunk Nowhere at last Saturday’s Rock & Roll Over/Unleash The Sounds benefit concert at Mission Brewery for the Barking Lot no-kill rescue shelter.