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We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

Oct 30 2012
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It had been a year since we played as a full band when we hit the stage at Anthology last night. The synergy between us and the audience was nothing short of a big fat natural, “HI” buzz! Remember how it felt as a little kid, when you were so excited you couldn’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve because Santa Claus was coming to town? Well, because of this wonderful audience, mixed with new and familiar faces, I couldn’t fall asleep last night no matter how many sheep I counted. The last I remember, Little Bo Peep had no time to sleep!

BTW – I went as Christian Mingle, the partying single priest for Halloween this year. Eh?!

What To Be For Halloween?!

Oct 23 2012
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I’ve done pretty well the last few years with “Big Bad Wolf in Grandma’s Pajamas”, “Bed Bug” and last year’s “Little Orphan Tranny”, which beat out a slew of scantily clad, attractive women for “Sexiest Costume” at a house party I attended. As usual, it’ll come down to the last minute and will be craftily assembled, rather than store bought. That being said, It’s Goodwill to the 99 Cent Store! And does anybody have a Blue Iguana that line dances and whistles “Dixie”, I can borrow?

You Make Me Wanna Uke!

Oct 16 2012
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Went to the San Diego Ukulele Festival this weekend. Man talk about some talented strummers and pickers out there! I brought mine along just in case an opportunity arose and it also makes me look taller. So, when the act I was listening to finished and the next one was setting up, I just had to break into a little, “I Wanna Be Sedated” from my seat in the audience. Judging from the response of the older crowd around me, I’m thinking they wished I would’ve stayed in “My Little Grass Shack” in Hawaii.

New Motto

Oct 9 2012
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I have a new motto, “If it moves, make music to it”, replacing the former I had been using quite regularly, “Music to make movements to”.

Dog Gone

Oct 2 2012
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As many of you may know, my pooch went missing several months ago, prompting me to pose the question, “Redford, where’d you go?!” Despite some of his nasty canine habits like licking his private parts, stopping on walks to pee on everything and scavenging edible and not so edible scraps off the ground, I MISS HIM SO! This song’s for you Redford! Now get your furry little tail home!
Watch the video for “Dog Gone” HERE