Last Wed was the end of the pool party season. 🙁
As you well know, I’ve made a tradition out of jumping in the pool with my clothes on at the end of each show. Little did I know that this would serve as an inspiration to the inner child of the previous generation. It turns out that my extended family of aunties and uncles decided to get in on the act as well. Because of their spontaneity, they were unfortunately unable to take advantage of the “Fully-clothed Cannonball Tips” outlined in my blog archive.

1-2-3 in the 4 of us go. As usual, I get out and excuse myself to change into my dry swim trunks for the drive home. Patti, Linda & Dave (thought about changing the names to protect their identity but, my brain said, “This is how it goes if you wanna play with the big boys!”), under the circumstances, were obviously unprepared. I can only imagine what their 45-min ride home was like. Windows down, heater on and Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” CD cranking on the car stereo. “Oh we’re half way there……”