After performing as a trio at a 40th B-day party this past Saturday, I’m not sure what made me hotter. Was it the game of “Musical Canopy” we played every 30 minutes to keep from melting or was it our fine female host dirty dancing with a blow up doll, as she tempted the inside air conditioning dwellers to enjoy what we were cooking up outside? The answer is…..neither.

It was later that night at my sister’s B-day party, when I got into a conversation about chili peppers, with a gentleman named Eric. To say that he is passionate about growing heat on a vine, would be a gross understatement! I like heat, so what the hell, it was only a tiny little spec on the end of a toothpick. 10 seconds later I realized that my brain had prompted yet another, exercise in bad judgement. The inside of my face felt like it was resting on a bed of hot coals as my nose ran a 4-minute mile. I come to find out that the peppers in the little baggie he pulled from his pocket were only the 3rd hottest in the WORLD! After about 30 to 40 minutes of fire dancing we sing Happy Birthday and my sister turns to me and says, “Where’s my song?!” No doubt about it……the heat was on!