Had some really fun shows this past weekend. Saturday’s Sand Crab Tavern gig added a whole new depth to audience participation. Buckets of seafood, corn on the cob, potatoes and such, were dumped onto tables covered in butcher paper as customers used little wooden mallets to crack open crustaceans while keeping time to my set list. It’s not often that the entertainer is entertained during his show, much less by tables full of Judge Judys laying down the law of “survival of the fittest”. And the huge platters of oysters had me asking, “Why the shuck haven’t I heard of this place sooner? They’ve only been in biz for 24 years!”

Sunday’s Garden Party at Chicweed had me surrounded by succulents and planted in front of a very attentive crowd. An absolutely beautiful setting to sow my musical seeds. My thumb isn’t green, but I still managed to pick some ripe and juicy tunes that would’ve made even the Florida Citrus Growers Assoc. ask me what kind of fertilizer I use.