You’ve given me so much pleasure, though not without pain, and I can’t wait to do it again. I honestly did not expect to see so many familiar faces, from all corners of the county, at Cheers for my mid-afternoon matinee show last Sat. You ate and drank well with the locals AND you helped set an All Time Record for “Most Tips At A Solo Performance”! “Yeah Baby!” Unfortunately, I’m reluctant to reveal the exact amount that was stuffed into Bill The Bear, since I’m 102.1fm percent sure that the IRS is monitoring my every move since KPRI started playing my cover of Crazy Train on their “Sunday Morning Unplugged” show.

I want everyone who was in attendance to know that your presence and kindness has provided me with the strength to carry on and overcome a haunting memory of yesterday past. I can now pass Ramona High School without feeling the sickening sting of defeat that my Clairemont High soccer teammates and I had been carrying around since our “triple overtime sudden death penalty kicks” loss that knocked us out of the playoffs and ended our championship run and quest for eternal sports glory. Ramona, it means a lot to know that you have forgiven me for turning to the stands and grabbing my crotch, after you called me a, “Long-haired (starts with an “F” and ends with a “T” and suggests that I like show tunes)”. I have forgiven you for calling me names and skipping rocks (pebbles are little rocks, right?) at me, throughout the rest of the 1st half. I am proud to take your hand and show the world that with music, beer and a damn good burger, we can forget the past, overcome our differences and embrace the future. And the next time I’m up on stage at Cheers I know I don’t need to ask you Ramona, “I KNOW you’re ready to ROCK!”