Jul 31 2012

Who took the word “fun” out of last weekend’s “fundraiser”?! Was it the Sheriff and his posse who threw me into jail no less than 3 times during the event, or those cowardly accusers who dared not show their faces? Is there really no such a thing as “bad popularity”? I’d like to hear Lindsay Lohan’s take on this. Maybe someone didn’t like my song choice of “Fat Bottomed Girls” for the Live Musical Chairs Contest? I guess the parents would have preferred a stripped down version of “Sesame Street”. Well, the bottom line is, The Fun Guy Fundraiser raised $12,000 for our friend Jeff Adkins, who suffered a spinal injury in a motorcycle accident back in January. Despite the advances of my 300lb cell mate, T-pod, the dozens of pull ups and failed jail break attempts, I still managed to have fun, as well as entertain, thanks to the 3 concerned citizens who took turns…….bailing me out.
Now if I could only figure out how to remove this horribly tacky ankle bracelet.