Besides the obvious major holiday celebration of Independence Day and the fact that it’s “National Ice Cream Month” (YAY! Goes perfect with my “Ice Cream” song), it has some other days of observance I think you might find interesting. There’s “Tell The Truth Day” (Hum, shouldn’t that be every day?), “Don’t Step On A Bee Day” (Bee Stompers, you’ve been warned!), “International Nude Day” ( I hope that’s not the day my parents invited me over for dinner.), “Be A Dork Day” (I guess this is just another average day in the life of a Dork. Carry on.), “Act Like A Caveman Day” (I’m thinking I could possibly get arrested and be chastised by PETA, both on the same day, for this one). “Compliment Your Mirror Day” (You look marvelous, and coincidentally, a lot like me.) and “Barbie In A Blender Day” (WTF!).

It just so happens that July 11th, THIS Wed, is “Swimming Pool Day” (I kid you not!).
It can only be divine destiny that I have my next Handlery Pool Party on this very day.