You may have noticed I haven’t been promoting as many shows lately. The thing is though, I am actually busier than ever! Private events, school performances, bar mitzvahs, bris, interventions, cattle drives and a few projects I intend to share with you soon. I’m halfway through writing the next CD release. That has kept the creative juices flowing, as well as all the frustrations the creative process has to offer. What the “F” rhymes with “orange”?! The public performances will be fewer but the end result will be greater for all! Plus, if you feel you long to be closer to me, like I do to you, we can always discuss the possibility of you hosting one of those house concerts everyone is raving about. These are those unique and memorable type of events your friends can’t stop thanking you for inviting them to and you can plan however you want, and at a time that fits YOUR schedule!
House of Blues ain’t got nothing on YOU!

At this time, in honor of your super coolness, I’d like to present you with this link to a recent school performance, that truly encompasses some of the most rewarding performances of my career. Thanks to the Kirsch Family for filming, editing and sending me this video, so I could share it with you. How lucky I am!
[Watch The Poetry of Christopher Dale from Warren-Walker School’s 2012 Poetry Slam]