On many an occasion, I’m in between moments and suddenly a thought creeps into in my head. It could be as routine as checking my bank account, emailing someone or researching an idea. To the computer! The screen awakes from its screen saving slumber, I bring up my internet browser and up pops my home page. Staring me right in the face is an interesting looking headline that reads, Zombie Survival Course. Gotta click on that!

After a few minutes I finish the article and now know more about combating the post-apocalyptic walking dead than ever before, but alas, I can’t remember why the heck I got on the computer in the first place. After a subsequent visit to my doctor, I have now been diagnosed with I.D.D…..Internet Distraction Disorder. I’ve been given a prescription for something called Distractagone to help keep me more focused. Side-effects include pale grey skin, unhealed wounds, lack of communication skills, shuffling when trying to walk, a one track mind and an appetite for brains.

WARNING: If you’re planning on coming to a show anytime soon, I’d recommend Googling “Zombie Survival Course” first!