Apr 17 2012

Had trouble getting out of bed this morning, didn’t want to do it for some reason. Must have spent 12 hours in and out of Dreamland, that’s unheard of for me! Especially when they’re digging up the sewer lines on the street right outside your window. There goes that backhoe backing up again, beep beep beep….
Oh must you my dear hoe?!

So I learned that waking up and falling back to sleep can really make for strange dream sequences. All over the place! And who are all these people in my dreams anyway? Most of these people I’ve never seen before, in real life! Where did they come from? Did I make them all up or are they indeed, real living, breathing humans that just somehow spontaneously materialize by way of my sneaky subconscious? If I do┬ámake them up myself well, they’re all anatomically correct, which is nice. 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose….oh and the beautiful people! Sometimes I do feel like I’m kicking it with the cast of 90210, I must be dreaming! So why wouldn’t you hate those times when you wake up in the middle of a dream only to realize that the girl you were just having a conversation with and who also seems to be attracted to you, isn’t real. BUMMER!!! Why wouldn’t you try and fall back to sleep as quickly as possible in an attempt to pick up right where you left off? It’s only 10am.

Well, this morning was a little different. Here I was in another unfamiliar room surrounded by more unfamiliar people when the girl of my dream, sitting next to me, asks me if I know Charlie Runkle ( a character from a show called “Californication”)? Then in walks a bald, naked 40-something dude who grabs the unopened newspaper off the coffee table in front of me, smiles and walks out. I immediately woke up and I thought to myself, “Finally! Someone I recognize!” And that’s when I also decided, it was time to get out of bed!