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It’s A Small Musical World

Mar 21 2012
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Unbelievable time in Austin, TX for the SXSW Music Festival! I got to see so many great bands like The Shins, The Cult, Nada Surf, FUN, Gary Clark Jr. and Norah Jones’ country band The Little Willies, just to name a few, that I almost forgot that I had work to do! Friends and friends of friends (today’s musical password is: “Friend”) came in from San Diego, San Antonio and Dallas to catch the showcases and house concert with the Austin locals. Our house concert host Kara had never heard my music until I laid a CD on her 5 days before The Castners and I hit her backyard stage (well, elevated patio deck, that is). Once she listened to it, she had a friend of hers contact some buddies with musical ties in San Diego, to ask if they had heard of us. Turns out the couple they reached out to, were none other than long time musical pals Johnny and Heather of Podunk Nowhere who just moved in upstairs from me a little over 2 weeks ago. “It’s a small world after all!” Needless to say, I felt like Kevin Bacon’s 6 degrees of separation! Pretty sure it’s a few degrees less but, once I tried to do the math, I started to get a headache. Did someone say, “Bacon?!” Yum!


Mar 14 2012
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I will soon be hitting the streets of the Live Music Capital of the World who’s motto is, “Keep Austin Weird”. Besides the traditional music venues such as bars and clubs, I’ll be checking out bands at hot dog & taco stands, as I shop for groceries (well, mostly beer and snacks), fuel up the car at the gas station and pretty much every street corner and storefront around town. Heard a great band as I waited for my luggage at baggage claim and I’m pretty sure if I decide to get a dental check up, there will be a smooth jazz trio named The Pearly Whites, performing in the waiting room. Hey Doc, is your drill in the key of C? I’ll be diving in, mixing it up and then packing all my new and old friends into a house for my grand finale house concert on Sunday! As a good old Texas boy named Stevie Ray Vaughn used to sing, “If the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’……… Come on in!”

Love Your Show

Mar 6 2012
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Thanks to everyone who came out to the show at Andre’s on Feb. 24th. It was great to be back performing after several months off. During that hiatus, I had the chance to reflect on my music career, gain a better understanding of how I want to present my music to a live audience, dusted off a few old tunes and I wrote a few new ones. Walking through the crowd and singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with the audience as I played the ukulele was like a tip toe through the tulips! Of course, special guest JD Boucharde took the opportunity to poke fun at me with his version of Randy Newman’s “Short People” as I took a quick, mid-show bathroom break. And of course, I had to hit him back with a few lines about tall people once I returned to the stage. “They got long ass legs and big old feet that hang over the bed when they’re asleep!” It was also real excited to debut my new song, “Dog Gone”, inspired by my lost dog Redford. “Where’d you go you cuddly little bastard!” The crowd’s reaction to that and my song “Spice of Life”, put goose bumps on parts of my body I didn’t even know I had! “You like me……you really really like me.” No wonder why I’m looking forward to the next 2 shows!